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What would you do if a motorcycle (or any recreational vehicle) accident should occur?
Be properly trained and prepared.

Why Use Us!

    Ride Safe Idaho (RSI) and Accident Scene Management’s basic Bystander Assistance Class “A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist” is a seven hour comprehensive class that teaches many aspects of a crash scene from Management to Treatment.    Learn what to do at the scene of a motorcycle crash.  A class inspired by “Slider” Gilmore.   
     Courses are taught by avid motorcyclists who are passionate about motorcycle and other recreation vehicle rider safety. Advanced courses are available as well as a class for professional rescue/medical personnel.  Please see course descriptions for further detail.  

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Our Experience Shows!
   Accident Scene Management, Inc. ® (ASMI) is a non profit 501(c)3 organization that was established in 1996 after a similar course was brought to Wisconsin by ABATE of Wisconsin and taught by Dick “Slider” Gilmore of Iowa. Slider’s program, “Two Wheel Trauma” inspired the creation of “A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist”. Thousands of motorcyclists have been trained since the program began. ASMI is now looked to as a model for programs nationwide.  We have active instructors in over 30 US States, New Zealand and Australia.    ASMI program created the Road Guardians as an educational support organization.*

    Ride Safe Idaho lead instructors are first responder or higher in medical training and are avid motorcyclists. Plus they are members of the Road Guardian organization. Our ASMI program information is taken from DOT First Responder curriculum and recognized trauma authorities.
    ASMI is the leading international motorcycle trauma training program available. Ride Safe Idaho is proud to bring this life saving information and training to Idaho, plus surrounding states. 

What is Road Guardians?
Accident Scene Management Inc’s (ASMI’s) knowledge and experience, ASMI created the Road Guardian Program. ASMI is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists through First Response Education. More nearly 20,000 students have been trained by 140+ certified instructors since 1996.Our Road Guardians program was created as a national branded program designation among motorcyclists that provides Resources, Rewards and Recognition to those who are properly trained and properly licensed. We encourage motorcyclists to be “lifelong learners” by providing resources and opportunity as well.

       Motorcycle safety is comprised of six components: Rider education; state licensing and laws; impaired rider education; apparel education; motorist awareness; and first response.

      Their website provides both free and members only services. They  seek to create a one-stop community for learning ways to improve riding skills, links to safety education and services, legal resources (as recommended by Bikers), biker owned businesses, local and national events and news. Their volunteer researchers have helped them create the most comprehensive motorcycle safety resource on the web!

                            Join Their Mission Now!       http://roadguardians.org/what-is-road-guardians/


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